Flush Mount

Flush mounts have flat tops and can be seamlessly mounted to ceilings. They are widely used for illumination in places such as home, offices and entertainment sites. Some flush mounts boast simple designs, with rectangle, sphere, dome or semi-sphere shaped shades. Such flush mounts are easy to install and are fit for simple and plain home decor. However, some flush mounts have shapes beyond simple geometric outlooks, and are big in size, different in shape and rich in color. As a result, these flush mounts are relatively more difficult to install or dissemble and on most occasions two or more persons should be involved. Generally speaking, flush mounts can be used in living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and more.

While modern flush mounts give you a stylish and chic accent, vintage industrial flush mounts remind you of the long past. Crystal flush mountscertainly look magnificent and gorgeous and they can easily draw the attention of anyone at the first glance. In the meanwhile, wooden flush lights seem to be able to bring nature home. To have a more splendid outlook to your home decoration, tiffany flush mounts offer an optimal choice. However, if you want some features of pendant lights, semi flush mounts are worth considering. No matter what kind of flush mounts you prefer, you can easily find what satisfies you at Whoselamp.com.

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